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One Electric Fireplace, Two Functions

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As we say goodbye to a tumultuous year in our lives, some of us look forward to some rest and relaxation, while others are looking to make good on their New Year’s resolutions. Why not both?

Have you ever wanted to create a cozy space in your home for relaxing, rejuvenating, and a place to binge-watch TV? Or have a dedicated room in your home for special functions? How great would it be if you didn’t have to choose between comfort and entertaining? Both spaces are functional in their own way and are fantastic ideas, certain to meet your personal lifestyle. No matter which you choose, combining function with the ambiance of the IgniteXL® modern linear electric fireplace, makes a dynamic dual function focal point.


IgniteXL linear electric fireplace

Benefits of the Fireplace Cozy Factor

There are many advantages to a cozy space. This room focuses more on nurturing your inner peace, finding solace during troubling times, and simply unwinding in front of your beautiful, zen-like fireplace. It doesn’t get cozier than cuddling up in front of the fireplace in a dim room with your favorite movie on – meditate your own way!

Benefits of Entertaining Around a Fireplace

Entertaining around a fireplace will help bring people together. It allows for a central location for your guests to gather and helps to create a more intimate atmosphere for  close conversations. This quiet, laid back setting will leave your guests feeling very relaxed. 

Ignite fireplace

The Dimplex XLF50 electric insert comes with several colour theme options, a multifunction remote, and a heat boost setting which allows you to customize your fireplace, making it perfect for your space.

The Dimplex XLF50 fireplace also has an incredible heating system called Comfort$aver® Heating System. The patented Comfort$aver® ceramic heating system uses 11% less energy than the leading quartz infrared heater by automatically adjusting fan speed and heater wattage to safely and precisely match the requirements of the room. 

Comfort or Natural Looking – Why Not Both?

Whether you are looking for the perfect place to relax and unwind, or a place to be the focal part of entertaining, the Dimplex XLF50 linear electric fireplace can make the best of both worlds. With its natural-looking flames, simple controls, and ease of installation, it perfectly complements any space or indoor activity.

What room would you put an XLF50 linear electric fireplace in? The possibilities are endless.

Check out the blog post on why electric fireplaces are a great alternative to wood burning fireplaces! 

Dimplex offers a variety of electric fireplaces and sizes that would work for your space. Make sure to check out our other options available. 

Video Transcription

0:00  A fireplace instantly changes the look

0:07 And feel of a room and there is no

0:10 Better way to make that transformation

0:11 Than with the Ignite XL electric

0:14 Fireplace from Dimplex. With so many

0:17 Electric fireplaces available, it's

0:19 Important to choose one that captures

0:21 The charm and ambience of a real wood

0:23 Fire as the inventors of the modern

0:26 Electric fireplace the incredibly

0:28 Lifelike Dimplex flame ensure you'll

0:31 Enjoy a captivating focal point for

0:33 Years to come.

0:34 Featuring edge to edge glass, the Ignite

0:37 XL offers a flawless panoramic view of

0:39 The flames from any angle

0:41 Whether you complete your fireplace with

0:43 Stone, tile, or drywall the clean faced

0:46 Design blends seamlessly from flame to

0:48 Finish. Home or high-rise, basement or

0:51 Bedroom with Ignite XL the only limit is

0:55 Your imagination. No gas line venting or

0:58 Chimney is required. Simply frame, wire

1:01 For electricity, and finish to suit your

1:04 Decor. Whether it's new construction or

1:06 Renovation there is no easier or more

1:09 Cost-effective fireplace solution. While

1:12 Combustion fireplaces are only practical

1:15 In the winter, you can enjoy your ignite

1:17 XL fireplace in year round and when the

1:20 Weather turns cold, the comfort favored

1:22 Heating system makes sure everything is

1:24 Warm and cozy. Comfort savor quietly and

1:27 Efficiently warms up to 1,000 square

1:29 Feet making it ideal for zone heating in

1:32 your main living spaces and since the

1:35 Front glass stays cool to the touch you

1:37 Never need to worry about the safety of

1:39 Your loved ones. Ignite XL let you choose

1:42 How bold a statement you want to make

1:44 With your fireplace. Sparkling with

1:46 Intensity in a full spectrum of colors

1:48 The diamonds like acrylic ice ember bed

1:51 Adds dazzle in every size. Choose from

1:54 Eight brilliant colored beams using the

1:56 Convenient remote or built-in touch

1:58 Controls or cycle through the spectrum

2:00 To choose a custom color that suits your mood or

2:03 Decor and if you prefer a natural look a

2:06 Driftwood and river rock accessory kit

2:08 Is also available. In any size and in any

2:12 Space Dimplex helps you ignite the

2:15 Limitless possibilities of electric

2:17 Fireplace flame and comfort