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A Fresh Take Electric Baseboards

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When something has been around in the same form for 50 years, it’s thought that the status quo is good enough. This was the case with the electric baseboard until Dimplex took a long, hard look at how we can improve and optimize the classic electric baseboard.

When you first see the Linear Convection heater next to a conventional electric baseboard, you’ll likely be struck by how small it is. It is up to 42% smaller than a conventional baseboard, but that’s just the start of the story. 

As technology advances, we are accustomed to products getting smaller and faster. In the case of the electric baseboard, there wasn’t very much advancement of the product over the last 50 years. 

We decided to change this. We wanted to set the new standard of electric baseboard heating.

Boy and australian shepherd playing near a white Dimplex linear convection baseboard heater

How We Did It

We started from a blank page and looked at every possible way to improve performance. Using computer fluid dynamics software, our engineers found the optimum shape for both the housing and the element blades that transfer heat to the air. 

The result of combining the best venting system with an element blade that looks like a shark fin gives an airspeed increase of 40%. By moving that much air we are now able to reduce the unit size significantly smaller and also increase comfort for homeowners by pushing heat faster and further into a room.

Conventional baseboards are notoriously slow, especially if used with a programmable thermostat. It takes half the time of an old baseboard for a linear convector to bring a room back up to temperature after being setback to save energy. We proved this and other energy-saving features by building an airflow and heat loss visualization chamber – the only one of its kind in North America. Using this room we were able to measure a 10% reduction in heat loss through a cold, outside wall. This translates into immediate energy savings for homeowners.

It’s said that good things come in small packages and we’ve certainly proved that with the Linear Convector. Homeowners will have more wall space for their furnishings, greater comfort, increased savings and less packaging to dispose of. They’re also easier to install and better looking than conventional baseboards. 

The bar has definitely been set high.

Comparison of a 49 inch standard baseboard heater to a 30” white Dimplex linear convection baseboard heater

Helpful Information

  1. Linear Convectors are CSA Certified SAFE, and are not a fire hazard if installed and used properly. 

  2. These are high-performance heaters, delivering twice the heat per foot of conventional baseboard products, heating a room up to 40% faster. Due to the fact that these are high-performance heaters, you may notice higher temperatures on the wall, however, there is nothing to be concerned about as these units are all completely safe.

  3. If you are concerned about the wall temperature, we do have a spacer option available that will reduce the temperature of the wall down to that of a conventional baseboard. If this option is something you are interested in, please contact our customer service department and they will be more than happy to help you.

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