Why Choose Dimplex?

“The Dimplex fireplace has the most realistic flame of any electric fireplace we have looked at. I think the look of Optiflame is what customers want.”

Fischer Homes

Moment Makers

Dimplex is the feeling you get when you hit the snooze button and stay under the covers a few minutes longer. It’s the comfort found in the moments that matter, like when the kids are down and your feet go up. Our products are the gathering place and focal point that rooms are built around. So whether it’s a living room or hotel lobby, bathroom retreat or spa, we can help you design the right comfort solution to create those perfect moments.

“Really easy to install. This was the first electric fireplace I liked in my entire life. It is so realistic. Everyone comments on how good it looks”

Anonymous, Quebec

Get Comfortable

We are leaders in design and innovation, continually challenging the status quo on a global scale to create products for the discriminating buyer. Our dozens of patented technologies translate to fireplaces that dazzle the senses and heaters that make spaces more efficient and comfortable no matter what the need.

Style Meets Efficiency

Whether a residential or commercial space, we design fireplaces that make a style statement. You will appreciate the energy efficiency and treading a little lighter with your eco-footprint, but at the end of the day it’s the deep breath that comes naturally when you relax in front of a fireplace.

Sustainable Development

We continue to create innovative technologies and provide low carbon products that customers can trust.

“We hadn't used our old fireplace for years for air quality and safety reasons, and it was just an empty space in our bedroom. Now we've got a warm and cozy fire again thanks to Dimplex, and there's no smoke or ash. The illusion of a real fire is amazing, and the heater warms up the room. My wife hates to be cold, and this is just the ticket. Fit perfectly into our existing space and looks great.”

Pete, California

A Brand Within Glen Dimplex Americas

Operating in North America, Glen Dimplex Americas is our parent brand with a focus on innovation and sustainability. We work hard to develop new, often low carbon, technologies that customers can trust within a variety of industries. Glen Dimplex Americas now includes a dynamic portfolio of leading brands in several home comfort categories including; electric heating, electric fireplaces, wood stoves and ovens, and gas fireplaces.

Discover our range

From electric fires to electric heating to suit any space, Dimplex has you covered.