Make the Safer Choice – Go Electric

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Is it worth the risk? With unsafe glass temperatures on gas and wood fireplaces, electric fireplaces are a much safer alternative as the glass stays cool to the touch.

I have noticed that there seems to be more instances and articles lately regarding the unsafe glass temperatures on gas and wood fireplaces. According to federal estimates, more than 2,000 children ages five and under have suffered burns from fireplace glass since 1999. This astonishing estimate seemed to have made quite a statement as Consumer reports;  and  have all issued articles or news programs to warn and educate consumers about this danger.

In fact, a petition by consumer groups and worried parents has recently been submitted to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. The petition urges them to develop a mandatory standard for gas fireplaces that requires a protective barrier or a guard for any accessible surface that, if contacted, is hot enough to cause severe burns.

Did you know that industry standards for gas fireplaces allow the temperature of ceramic glass to reach as high as 1,328°F and tempered or annealed glass can reach over 446°F? I don’t know about you, but these numbers scare me and are not worth the risk even with an optional barrier.

Did you also know that electric fireplaces are a much safer alternative as the glass stays cool to the touch while heating a space of up to 400 sqft?

I know that I feel safe and at ease in front of my electric fireplace knowing that my 2 year old niece and nephew who tend to touch and investigate everything, can run around my basement rec room and I don’t have to worry about them burning their hands or any part of their precious little bodies on my fireplace.

Is it worth the risk? I don’t believe so, not when there are so many beautiful and safe alternatives in the marketplace.

Make the safer choice – go electric. Shop Electric Heaters