Preparing Your Fireplace for the Cold Months

3 min read
Here are a few quick tips on how to get more out of your fireplace this winter.

So you've had an electric fireplace for a few years, it helps heat your home in the winter and adds ambiance in the warmer months. As with every appliance or piece of furniture, you always need to put effort into maintaining it. Here are a few quick tips on how to get more out of your fireplace.

Check the Power

Make sure your plug is in good condition, no tears or open wires. The outlet needs to be able to handle the proper load required by the fireplace, it is advised not to plug in any other appliance into that outlet which may increase load on the socket. If you see any dysfunctional sockets be sure to replace them to avoid electrical shorts.

Remove the Dust

It's common practice to clean up the dust around your home, this seems to be an ongoing chore, so make sure to dust off your mantel as well. Cleaning your mantel is easy as any standard wood cleaner will work perfectly, for the glass surface, any regular glass cleaner will do the trick.

Check the Lights

Light bulbs won't affect the functionality but it's good to replace them when they go out. If a light bulb goes out - the flame will look uneven. So as you can imagine - it's essential to replace the burnt out light bulbs.

Keep it Safe

Just like any other appliance that gives off heat, you should always keep flammable objects away from the fireplace, whether it is gas, wood or electric.

Out with the Old in with the New

If your fireplace is outdated, why not consider replacing it with a new model. There are many benefits with purchasing a new model, obviously it's brand new, offers new features, newer models have better energy consumption and it is a cost effective and easy way to update any room.