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Give Your Electric Fireplace a Little TLC to get ready for the Fall

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Fall clothing, fall decor, and back-to-school promotions. You’ll want your fireplace ready to provide both flame and heat, so here are some quick steps to provide some TLC to your electric fireplace.

Reliable. Safe. Efficient. Beautiful. That’s what Dimplex electric fireplaces are known for. However, as is the case with almost everything we own, a small amount of routine care will ensure your enjoyment year after year.

While most of us are still focused on summer, in a few short weeks, attention will turn to back-to-school promotions, fall clothing, and fall decor. You’ll want your fireplace ready to provide both flame and heat, so here are some quick steps to provide some TLC to your electric fireplace.

1. Disconnect the Power 

Before cleaning any electric fireplace, be sure to check the owner’s manual for instructions specific to your unit. All manuals for our products are available on our website.

Once you are ready to begin, DISCONNECT ALL POWER SUPPLIES. If your fireplace is a plug-in model, ensure it is unplugged, otherwise, turn off the power at the breakers.

2. Clean Mantel Surface 

If the fireplace has been used recently, allow adequate time for the unit to cool down before cleaning any internal surfaces. To remove dust, dirt, fingerprints, or other marks, wipe the exterior of your fireplace with a damp cloth. 

If required, a mild detergent can be used. Avoid using abrasive cleaners on any surface as it could cause damage to the interior and exterior of the product. To prevent any water spots from appearing, and to avoid surface damage, the exterior should be completely dried with a lint-free cloth.

fireplace mantel in living room

3. Clean Front Glass

As with most glass surfaces, dust can easily and quickly be removed by using a clean, dry cloth. To remove fingerprints or other marks, the glass can be cleaned with a damp cloth, or for stubborn marks, a traditional glass cleaner can be used. Similar to the exterior surfaces, to prevent any water spots from appearing, the surface should be completely dried with a lint free cloth.

4. Wash Purifire Filter

Some Dimplex electric fireplaces and electric stoves feature our Purifire Filter. This filter is reusable and washable. To clean the filter, gently tap the filter on a hard surface to dislodge any loose dirt or debris and then gently clean with water. We do not recommend using any soap or cleaning products on your filter.

5. Check Electric Fireplaces for Functionality

Along with cleaning your fireplace, it is also a good idea to check to make sure the unit is in good working order. Look for any lights that may have gone out over time. Light bulbs need to be replaced when you notice a dark section of the flame or when the clarity and detail of the bulb exterior disappears. Replace them now, and you’ll be all set for maximum enjoyment once the weather changes. 

Cozy Up by a Fireplace This Fall

If you have any questions about the cleaning, maintenance or technical support of your Dimplex product, please contact us or your Dimplex retailer. 

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