How to Add Heat to Your New Addition

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When an HVAC modification isn't providing adequate heat in a home addition, one of our customers found a great solution in a Linear Proportional Convector Electric Heater.

Last summer after a 300-square-foot addition was built onto his home, James called us looking for help with heating the addition after a cool start to winter. The new room featured a lot of windows, had no basement under it, and faced north, meaning that heating would be critical in winter. 

Central heating wasn't enough to keep the new room warm in the coldest months, unless they cranked up the thermostat which made the rest of the home too warm. They added an electric fireplace, which provided enough heat but had to run constantly to keep the room at 21°C (69.8°F), which was not optimal.

Dimplex Electric Baseboards Save the Day

That's where the Dimplex electric baseboard heaters come in. They were already familiar with Dimplex fireplaces which sparked the call to Dimplex customer service. After reviewing a couple of options, they ended up picking up a 2,500-watt heater with built-in thermostat and digital display at the local hardware store and worked with their contract for installation.

“The results were totally amazing! Immediately after installation, the effect was apparent. The room had never been so evenly warmed." - James, homeowner.

And the best part of this story “Our heat bills have hardly changed at all,” he said. Adding that even though winter in his area “has been brutally cold."

Little boy reading a book with Australian shepherd near a Dimplex LC Baseboard heater

Do you have a cold spot in your home and would like help selecting the ideal heater? 

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