How to Heat Your Home Using Electric Heat

How to Heat Your Home Using Electric Heat

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Many homes have one thermostat that controls the heat for the entire house, which means when someone is warm, they will turn down the thermostat, and another person will turn it up based on their desired comfort. However, it doesn't have to be that way with electric heat!


You wouldn't put all the lights for your home on one switch, so why put the heat from your home on one thermostat. Room by room or zonal heating can control the heat in each room. Our Dimplex heat solutions are designed with your family's comfort is our first priority.


When selecting baseboard heating or forced fan heating options for your home, you can control the comfort with a manual or programmable thermostat. This way, you heat the room when in use and turn down, not off, the heat when it's unoccupied.


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Let's explore how this might work in your home:


It's 7:15 am, the soft sound of your alarm gently wakes you as the sunshine peeks through your plantation shutters. Already, your programmable thermostats have activated your bedroom baseboard heaters to warm your bedroom starting at 6:45 am. In the ensuite, the panel convector heater is quietly working away and your kitchen's linear convector heater is turning on right at 7:15 am.


As you wrap yourself in the terry of your rope skipping your slippers, you take the short trip down the hallways, the scent of freshly brewed coffee welcomes you into the kitchen. The under-cabinet heater is already working away, warming every step as you weave your way over to the coffee maker, grabbing a mug and stopping at the fridge for the creamer.


It's 9:05, and you're late. You should have left 10 minutes ago; kissing your partner good-bye, you head out for another day of customer engagement, problem solving, and laughter. Your mind is at ease as you leave the comfort of your home. The kitchen convector has dropped its setting to 55, the under cabinet heaters have turned itself down. The radiant floor heaters are off, and your bedroom baseboard heaters maintain the comfort of 65, all through the smart technology of programmable thermostats.


As you arrive home that night, your foyer and living room are warmed to a comfortable 69, and the kitchen temperature is slightly elevated, knowing the stove will heat the space. It's only occupied for a short few hours before finding relaxation in the family room. 


Tonight's game night, as you stroll past the living room, you turn the thermostat up to 70, bringing comfort as your friends will soon be setting up tables, with cards, and libations flowing easily. All feel laughter,joy, contentment as the games ensue. As the night comes to a close, nearing 10:30 pm, the bedroom baseboard heaters are already active, your room is set to a comfortable 71. They will continue to warm them until about 11:45, where they will drop to a comfortable 67 as you and your partner lull asleep in the quiet of the house until 6:45 am, where they will silently activate again, ready to take on a new day.


Take the worry out of finding comfort and invite peace of mind into your home with Dimplex programmable thermostats and heating.


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