Television Stand Selection

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Buying a television stand is a very important purchase. According to one study, the average Canadian adult watches 30 hours of television a week! This makes your television one of the highest used products in your home.

When it comes to considering the design of our living rooms, basements, and even bedrooms, you want to consider how the room will be laid out and function around the television. Here is a small list of considerations when looking for the perfect television stand, and how to make sure your stand meets your needs.

Consider the size

Time to bust out the measuring tape! Your television’s size is measured from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner (not side to side). Once you know the size of your television, you can start to consider which stand will work best for you. When measuring a television stand, refer to the traditional width and height measurements that run along the frame. The width of your stand should always exceed your television set by at least 3 inches per side; this ensures the stability and proportions of your television set. Having a firebox below the television compliments it and creates a cozy focal point without dominating the space.

Image featured in Vitalize Magazine – Dimplex Sophia Media Console

This Dimplex television stand (sometimes called a media console) frames the television in such a manner that there is still a sense of openness, clean lines, and proper proportions.

What are your needs

Now it’s time to ask yourself some tough questions! What do you use your television stand for? Which design features will meet your needs best? For example, if you are an avid gamer or a huge movie buff, you may have a large collection of video games or DVDs. In that case, having a front opening is essential.

Or do you have children to add into the mix? Might you want added height for positioning beloved items out of reach? Or are you concerned about fireplace heat with young children or pets in the space? Rest assured, Dimplex units stay cool to the touch to ensure safety for everyone, even during operation.

Take a look at this Dimplex television stand used in this basement renovation. The concealed shelving and storage is an easy way for you to hide your collections and minimize clutter, while the open shelf is an ideal way to display your consoles and have instant access to them. Having a cord management back opening is also important if you have electronics on the shelving.

Photo by Larry Arnal, design by Lisa Canning - Dimplex Tyson Media Console

Complementing your room

Whether you are a minimalist, modernized, or an antique lover, matching your television stand with the style of your room can be a difficult job; the good news is there are so many varieties to choose from. Dimplex offers a plethora of choices in colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and even choices in fireboxes. You can literally have an open-sided, raised unit in white, a contemporary boxy unit in grey with no shelving, or a classic varnished hardwood unit with a log firebox, crystal firebox, or no firebox. The choices are endless!

Image from blog post by Vicky Sanderson at – Dimplex Austin Media Console

Visual appeal

With dozens of styles and choices for many of them, creating the unit of your dreams can be a reality. But it will also take time to look at all of them. Use the filters on the Dimplex website to narrow your choices, so you can begin your search with what you know you love, like a particular color choice. Then look at the units, choose a stand, and select the options you like best.

Be sure you love the unit you select. Since it’s going below your television, you’ll be looking at it for at least 30 hours a week – so love what you’re looking at.